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Script folder is not writable! Saving settings imposible. Change folder rights to 666 for saving settings.
Background sending is not available (see Self Diagnostics)
Thread nubmer:
Timeout in seconds: плавающая
History max length
Send in background
Transfer text in base64
Save sended to txt log
Insert test email every emails
Test email
Outservers functionality is not available (see Self Diagnostics)
Use external servers for sending

Read documentation to learn more about external servers.

(Unavailable will be auto-removed)

Check log:
Script file is not writable! Password change imposible. Change file rights to 666 for password change.

Use http proxy
File is writable (666 или 777) ? Need for password change
Directory is writable (666 или 777) ? Need for autocreation of settings and bg sending files
Settings file is writable (666 или 777) amsettings.php ? Need for settings saving
Background sending files is writable (666 или 777) - "" and "" ? Required for background sending
Shell folder uploaded ? Shell folder and modules inside it required for using shells
Cross server requests (allow_url_fopen) ? Need for shells and images auto attach
POST request maximum size (post_max_size) ? Influence on max letter size
Maximum file upload size (upload_max_filesize) ? Influence on maximum attach size


Attention, the use of this software are responsible only to you. Purchase this software entitles you to updates within the current branch, support and making suggestions for improvement.

What is it?

This is anonymous email sending script alexusMailer in text or html format with the ability to attach files. With ability to send a letter from any of the sender.

How it works?

alexusMailer sending through the SendMail (mail () function in php), the protocol allows sending letters without authorizing on the server, it gives you the opportunity to deliver a letter from any mailbox. The script is written in PHP5 and to send needs to have SendMail on your server.

Why you need alexusMailer?

For your convenience =). Sending software is very simple, alexusMailer provides easy to use interface and tools. It has email templates, macros, sending via the web shell (external servers), background sending.

Can't recieve emails!

In 99% of cases, the fact that the letter did not come to depend on the server that hosts the alexusMailer or shell through which they are sent. 1 Check the SendMail server (for example, check with technical support) 2 If alexusMailer send through the shells, make sure that the server is allowed network requests (php command "echo file_get_contents ('http: //');" outputs "Google is built by a large team of engineers, designers, researchers ... ") 3: Check manually whether the server can send emails, php command: mail ("[email protected]", "test message", "the contents of the test letters");

What is html(e) mode?

This is a variation of html mode, where all the pictures from tags and background attributes automatically downloading and attaching to letters, so when you open the letter it does not refer to external sites. This allows it to instantly appear in the e-mail clients and gmail.

What macro available?

Name Format Example Work on fields
To [TO-EMAIL] [TO-EMAIL] All, except "TO"
From, name [FROM-NAME] [FROM-NAME] All, except "From, name"
From, email [FROM-EMAIL] [FROM-EMAIL] All, except "From, email"
Reply email [REPLY-EMAIL] [REPLY-EMAIL] All, except "Reply email"
Subject [THEME] [THEME] All, except "Subject"
Additional field [ADD#] where # field number starting from 0 [ADD0] All, except # additional field
Random number (5000-6000) [RAND] [RAND] All
Random number in range [RAND-from-to] [RAND-1-10] All
Random text (from options) [RAND:Choice 1|Choice 2|And so on] [RAND:Hi|Hello|Wellcome] All
Text options enumeration [ENUM:Choice 1|Choice 2|And so on] [ENUM:First|Second|Third] All
String multiplication [(String)*#] where # means multiplication times [(бе)*3] All
String by string output from local file [FILE:File_Name.txt] [FILE:jokes.txt] All
String by string output from URL [URL:] [URL:] All
Current date [DATE] \ [DATE-#] \ [DATE+#] where # is amount to add or substruct from current date [DATE] [DATE+5] All
Current day [DAY] \ [DAY-#] \ [DAY+#] where # is amount of days to add or substruct from current day [DAY] [DAY+5] All
Current month [MONTH] \ [MONTH-#] \ [MONTH+#] where # is amount of months to add or substruct from currentу month [MONTH] [MONTH+5] All
Current year [YEAR] \ [YEAR-#] \ [YEAR+#] where # is amount of years to add or substruct from currentу year [YEAR] [YEAR+5] All
Current time [TIME] \ [TIME-#] \ [TIME+#] where # is amount of minutes to add or substruct from currentу time [TIME] [TIME+5] All
Current hour [HOUR] \ [HOUR-#] \ [HOUR+#] where # is amount of hours to add or substruct from currentу hour [HOUR] [HOUR+5] All
Current minute [MINUTE] \ [MINUTE-#] \ [MINUTE+#] where # is amount of minutes to add or substruct from current minute [MINUTE] [MINUTE+5] All
Current web shell [OUTSERVER] [OUTSERVER] All, during sending through web shells.
String macros be nested into each other and themselves. For example [([RAND]) * 5] Through a macro [FILE] in the "To" field, you can arrange to send letters to people from a file on the server. And a macro [URL] to send letters to people from a file from a remote server.

How can I send a huge amount of emails?

To send a really large number of letters one server becomes small. alexusMailer provides tools to send over multiple servers. Manage external server through the shells:
  • wso2
  • ARS (remailer script - shell replacer, in box with alexusMailer)
  • r57
  • c99
Shells can register on the relevant page of settings, multistring format:
Path to shell|shell type|password from the shell
In cases when a shell has password and login use this format
Path to shell|shell type|login from the shell:The password for the shell
On the Configuration tab of external servers is available quick check of shells, it checks that the addresses are correct, passwords match, and themselves shells execute commands.

If the delivery is carried out via the shell, then from the server where there is already very yaPosylalka letters are sent. If you want to send e-mails from the server and upload it to the shell and add it to the list of shells.

Just to increase the success of delivery you can experiment with the parameters of delay and number of threads.
Warning! If you use web shells you need upload "shell" folder
Warning! Shell modules of r57 and c99 can be detected as mallware, in this case not upload them.

What is web shell?

This tiny script helps in remote server management. It is more convenient to automate many tasks, as well as often faster than access through the console or through FTP. Shell can be obtained by downloading one of the options from the internet and uploading to the server. Or you can buy it on some forums which sell servers that are already have installed access via the shell.

What is threads and how can I use them

Threads is somewhat parallel dispatches messages. Suppose you have 8 messages that must be delivered and 4 threads. Running newsletter, each thread would be getting the letter, (left to send 4) when some of them end up shipping it will take another (left to deliver 3), and so on, until all the letters will not be delivered. Timeout affects each thread separately, ie if the timeout is set to 10 seconds, then each thread will send an email to wait 10 seconds. External servers(shells) are taken alternately, because if you set the number of threads equal to the number of shells you can get the maximum upload speed (but maximum mortality of shells), with such heavy use shells will break down quickly. But this can be avoided by setting a sufficiently large delay. When sending the background flows are used, possibly in the future, this will be changed.

How can I use background sending?

Enable this option in the settings. Fill in all fields mailing settings (from, additional fields, external servers, timeout), and then click "Send". alexusMailer will launch a background process on the server to send, it will not happen instantly please be patient. After about 5-8 seconds to begin alexusMailer will updated progress bar and sending log. If you refresh the page or close the browser and return to the page later you find that delivery did not stop, and is on the server in the background. You can stop the sending by clicking the "Stop". If the server on which alexusMailer will restart delivery stops. In the next versions we plan a way to automatically restart the background process.

How set password on alexusMailer?

On the Security tab in the Settings, enter your login and password and click "Set Password". To reset your password click on "Remove password" or set a blank username and password. Also on this tab is available to set HTTP proxy that alexusMailer can use to interact with Shell.

Visual editor breaks my code!

Visual editor tries to validate you code (make it correct by all standards), but sometimes you not need it. I this case you can edit you email in source mode (button "<>"), when you click Send\Preview from this mode, validation will be skiped.

How can I personalize my emails?

For personalization you can use this tools:
1) Write recipient in extended format: Recipient Name <[email protected]>
2) Set additional fields in recipient string in format:
[email protected];ADD0;ADD1;...
My Recipient <[email protected]>;ADD0;ADD1;...

How use alexusMailer with Image Randomizer?

You can use script with image randomization software - Image Randomizer. You can use api link directly in your html code tags for Image mode and alexusMailer macro [URL:api link] for mode "Img tag" and "Background+css" mode. In first case enough to place macro in place where you requere your image, in second you need place it as attribute in the tag of your choice: div, table or aother.


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